Upcoming Survey Seeking Input

It is the desire of the Governing Board of the NAB to receive direct input from the member churches and key conference stakeholders. On behalf of the Governing Board, the Member Connection Committee is tasked with obtaining this input from the member churches so that the Board can be guided or affirmed in what they have prayerfully determined to be the key priorities of the conference. This informs the work the Executive Director and International Office will focus their time and resources to pursue.

Under the current COVID-19 season, reaching out to the churches will be limited to a survey. In preparation for this upcoming survey that will be sent to your church from the NAB Governing Board, we would like to provide some background information that we believe is important and helpful.

How the Board Seeks Direction:

For the Governing Board to provide the highest level of direction to the Executive Director, they seek guidance from the Holy Spirit as to what God might be calling the conference to pursue. They also obtain insight from understanding trends and needs presented in the world around us. Finally, there is the very important function of discovering the needs and even wants of the constituent churches. All of these, and other points of input, are essential for the Governing Board to ensure the work of the conference is addressing the current and future needs of the churches.

Why the NAB Exists:

The Constitution of the North American Baptist Conference that was approved at the July 2018 Triennial states, “The purpose of The Conference is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ at home and internationally: by stimulating Associations and churches to make disciples; by facilitating the interdependence of member churches; and by providing services that are best done collectively.”

At the very core, the NAB is about glorifying God. This is very much in alignment with fulfilling the Great Commission, which is what Jesus instructed us as the church to do.

It is the role of the conference to provide the kind of support and input to the local churches and regions/associations that can assist them in the development of disciples of Jesus Christ. This is most effectively accomplished through collaboration and partnership with other like-minded churches because we understand that more can be accomplished together than individually.

For the conference to achieve its purpose, the Governing Board and staff have agreed upon the priorities that we will pursue. These priorities that drive virtually all activity from the International Office are:

  1. Member churches will be trained for missional ministries.
  2. NAB missionaries will be sent and supported by member churches.
  3. Member churches and mission field nationals will be equipped to develop spiritual leaders.
  4. Member churches will be connected with cross-cultural ministries.

 Objectives for the Survey:

The opportunity you have in this process is to provide feedback and input via the coming survey for the Governing Board to consider as they revisit and determine the highest-level priorities of the Conference to achieve our mission. Your participation is critical and valued.


Your participation is greatly appreciated as we move together toward the achievement of the mission God has given us collectively and individually within the conference of churches called the NAB.

Should you have any additional questions about the purpose or process of this survey, please feel free to reach out to Jane Kramer, the chair of the Member Connection Committee, at jkramer@heartofiowa.net.

On behalf of the NAB Governing Board,

Mike McNeff, Moderator

Jane Kramer, Member Connection Committee Chair

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