Blue Ocean Next Steps: Missional Initiatives, Spiritual formation talks


Blue Ocean Next Steps: Missional Initiatives

For the first time ever, Blue Ocean and The Bonfire were held online. After four great sessions with David Fitch and then Christopher Wright, we seemed to be longing for more. We missed the table conversations and the late night hangouts, but this new environment created opportunities for us to begin to connect in other ways online. Last week I was thrilled to host a call of twenty-two leaders within the NAB who wanted to take these conversations further.

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Quail Lakes Care-A-Van

Recently, as a means of thanking the staff at their local hospitals, Quail Lakes Baptist Church in Stockton, California, put together events at three different hospitals in their area. Keeping in mind the local social distancing guidelines in place, they decorated the sidewalks outside the hospitals, sang the workers a few songs from a flatbed truck, and drove a small parade of cars decorated with encouraging signs. You can read the whole story about the event – written by Randy Mitrovich, an associate pastor at Quail Lakes – at the link below.

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International Missions

Tuesday, May 19th 
10AM PDT / Zoom

Join us for an open discussion regarding the NAB Missional/Formational orientation as it relates to international missions and in particular the role that a “global sister church” partnership could play in advancing the missional/formational movement of your local church.  Kerry Bender and Randy Schmor will help bring some ideas from the perspective of NAB and Gateway, and learn from one another as we explore how international missions can enrich the local church in its missional/formational journey.

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Church Planting

Thursday, May 21st
1PM PDT / Zoom 

the best next step to exploring church planting is simply to spend a bit of time with some planters “kicking tires” on the life of a planter. To that end, we have gathered a few of NAB’s top planters from a wide array of approaches for a connection and exploration Zoom call in May.

If you’ve ever thought about planting, or are currently preparing to plant, we encourage you to join us for this round table discussion.

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