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Hopes and Challenges in Global Missions

By Larry W. Caldwell
Academic Dean and Professor of Intercultural Studies Sioux Falls Seminary

In the article linked below, Dr. Larry W. Caldwell provides a broad overview on the challenges and hopes facing the Church as a whole regarding global missions. As a professor of Intercultural Studies and Bible Interpretation for Sioux Falls Seminary, he is well-positioned to remind us that the challenges facing international missions for the NAB are not unique to us. More importantly, his article also reminds us of the promise from God that His Word will reach the ends of the world, an encouragement for us as the NAB and for the Church as a whole.

Read the article from Larry Caldwell

Join Us for the Next Leadership Webinar


We’re taking our leadership teleconference series to the next level with a webinar. You’ll now be able to see our speaker! To kick off this momentous occasion, we are pleased to have Brian Sanders join us.

Brian is the founder and executive director of the Underground Network, an international coalition of missional churches united by the prophetic call to love the poor, reach the lost, and seek biblical justice. Brian’s book Underground Church is a fascinating and challenging story of a network of missionally-oriented “micro-churches” in Tampa, Florida, and the values and activities that drive this missional enterprise. His voice and passion are needed in our world today and in our churches. Brian is no mere theorist. He is a practitioner. And for ten years, the Underground Network has nurtured a laboratory of hundreds of micro-churches in Tampa where people dreamed of how to be the church and how to experience the reality of the Kingdom of God in our midst. It’s an amazing story, and Brian is looking forward to leading this time.

Plan to join us by getting the book and signing up at the link below! An email will be sent out to you a few days prior to the event with a link to access the webinar. If you have any questions, please contact either Kent Carlson or Lisa Schmidt..

Join us March 21 at 11:00 am PDT!

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Missionary of the Week


Walter and Florence Grob, NAB Missionary in Cameroon. Walter handles the missionary finances for the Cameroon Baptist Convention and serves as a resource person for the head of the Finance and Development Department, which he oversaw for more than two decades. Walter and his wife, Florence, are currently in North America in the middle of their home assignment. Pray for the Grobs to experience rest in the midst of their travels visiting supporting churches. Pray as well for the ongoing unrest in Cameroon, especially the Baptist educational institutions that are having difficulty functioning amidst the unrest. To find out more about Walter and his ministry in Cameroon, visit To find out more about the Cameroon Crisis, visit

Missionary/Church Planter of the Week